Monday, January 21, 2008

sweet home alabama

we've had an action packed and fun last few days.  thursday we drove to birmingham and had dinner with our good friends scott, kathleen, corinne, and grayson (here's a recent picture of the greatest kids in alabama).  thank you for the yummy dinner.  we loved seeing y'all!  then we went to the george strait concert that was part of rudy's Christmas present.  his concert was fabulous and even better when kenny chesney showed up!  they sang "amarillo by morning" as a duet - wow.  we got our picture made with sarah johns ( i've never heard of her but she opened for george and we thought she might be famous one day!) but i'd rather post the picture of kenny and george.  friday we went to helen keller's birthplace.  i get a lot of laughs about this, but she really was my "childhood hero" and i learned a lot about her life.  what an example of determination and service to others.  this is a picture of us by the famous water pump where she learned to finger spell.  next we enjoyed the natural springs in tuscumbia, alabama.  then - i'm not kidding, i couldn't make this up - we went to the world's only coon dog cemetery.  we kept seeing signs and brochures about it so we decided to check it out - not realizing it was 30 miles out of the way!  i've never seen so many atrocious fake flowers.  there were grave markers on every grave.  some were made of marble, some carved out of a piece of tin, but most with heartfelt epitaths.  i love dogs, but i'm not really sure how i felt about it.  the pictures really don't do it justice.  overall, the best part was that it was really great spending time together and making memories.  


Sarah said...

What a fun trip! I would have loved the Helen Keller stuff too. I had to hold the giggles in with the coon dog cemetery. Ya'll are so funny!

khovater said...

Oh I'm embarrased. Not about the George Straight concert or even Helen Keller's birthplace. I am embarassed becasue I know exactly the coon cemetary that you speak of. Kelly+Steven=Kelly Hovater, Hovater's= North Alabama, North Alabama = coon cemetary, coon cemetary = Kelly is super embarassed that her last name is linked to possibly the most redneck memorial site ever. I am making a sick face as I type this.

Christy Brockman said...

I'm glad you found me! I have wondered about you a lot. Congratulations on your marriage - I know he is a lucky man! Are you in Memphis?

BTW - I have passed through Tuscumbia many times (it's only about 30-45 min from us), and we always laugh about that sign for the "coon dog cemetary." I'm glad I get to see what it looks like now!

The Smith Family said...

glad you are blogging now- maybe we will have better luck keeping in touch this way :)