Monday, January 21, 2008

sweet home alabama

we've had an action packed and fun last few days.  thursday we drove to birmingham and had dinner with our good friends scott, kathleen, corinne, and grayson (here's a recent picture of the greatest kids in alabama).  thank you for the yummy dinner.  we loved seeing y'all!  then we went to the george strait concert that was part of rudy's Christmas present.  his concert was fabulous and even better when kenny chesney showed up!  they sang "amarillo by morning" as a duet - wow.  we got our picture made with sarah johns ( i've never heard of her but she opened for george and we thought she might be famous one day!) but i'd rather post the picture of kenny and george.  friday we went to helen keller's birthplace.  i get a lot of laughs about this, but she really was my "childhood hero" and i learned a lot about her life.  what an example of determination and service to others.  this is a picture of us by the famous water pump where she learned to finger spell.  next we enjoyed the natural springs in tuscumbia, alabama.  then - i'm not kidding, i couldn't make this up - we went to the world's only coon dog cemetery.  we kept seeing signs and brochures about it so we decided to check it out - not realizing it was 30 miles out of the way!  i've never seen so many atrocious fake flowers.  there were grave markers on every grave.  some were made of marble, some carved out of a piece of tin, but most with heartfelt epitaths.  i love dogs, but i'm not really sure how i felt about it.  the pictures really don't do it justice.  overall, the best part was that it was really great spending time together and making memories.  

Monday, January 14, 2008

happy 1/2 birthday to us!

this weekend i lived it up in nashville with my awesome friends robin and sara.  we all have a birthday in the same week - ironic , huh?  but this weekend we were celebrating our HALF-birthdays.  for those of you who are not fortunate enough to celebrate half - birthdays, it it the date exactly 6 months from your real DOB.  i love it when little kids emphasize "i'm four AND A HALF" as they hold up their 4 cute little fingers.  half - birthdays were super special for me b/c that was the day i got to take cookies to school.  i had a summer birthday so i missed out on the whole school birthday party until my brilliant mom came up with the idea to celebrate my 1/2 BD.  anyways, sara, robin, and i had a great time shopping and eating and catching up.  i forgot my camera, but here is a recent picture of us (and a good excuse to put a wedding picture on here).  i love you girls! (and i really recommend half - BDs now b/c you can celebrate and eat cheesecake but not really get older!)
posts to come... lime trees and W's

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year!!

An optimist stays up until midnight to see the New Year in.  A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves. 
- Bill Vaughan

May you look with  joy and excitement to 2008!